Ghost Bike #12

655 Bryant at 5th
Feb 6, 2004

I found this bike and painted it in front of Viz Graphics in February, the first bike in more than a year. On May 25, 2004 I revisited this it and mummified it. In the process I met 3 of the guys that work at Viz. One of them, ‘Nuron’, was so excited about the mummy bike that he gave me a stack of graphic novels and exclaimed, “mummies rock!” It turns out that I know two people, Meagan and Courtney, that work at Viz. The Viz bike has remained on the street for a long time and I’ve paid it several visits. On Feb 9, 2005, a year after I initially found it, I painted it again. Sometime during the summer of 2005 this bike finally disappeared. Viz ended up leaving the site too.