Ghost Bike #18

15th St at the corner of Market and Sanchez in front of Dulux Paint
May 15, 2004

I bought a fresh gallon of ‘Multi-Purpose Tank and Structural Primer’ from Dulux to paint this bike along with some heavy rubber gloves to keep the nasty stuff off me.

I came back to this bike on Sept 24, 2004 with Timo and mummified it. There was a homeless guy napping on a mattress just down the sidewalk who was pretty perplexed by the whole thing. He kept asking me questions like, “why are you gonna put all that money into it?” and “How are you going to get the lock off when it’s wrapped?” A few weeks later the mummy bike had been written on and decorated with porn.

This bike has lasted longer than most and proven its location to be a favorite slumber-spot for transients. The writing on the wall seems to be some evidence of a similar ill fate for other bikes.

I noticed this bike was gone in March 2005.