Ghost Bike #20

Muddy Waters
260 Church between Market & 16th, in front of Muddy Waters Cafe.
Feb 22, 2005

I watched this bike for about a month, thinking the whole time, “it won’t be there at the end of the week.” Eventually, I realized that the bike had crossed over and become part of the terrain that no one cared to do anything about. I was still shy to paint this bike because it’s right in front of Muddy Waters, basically part of their outdoor seating area. The sidewalk gets really tight there with the constant pedestrian traffic.

So I waited until 1am on a calm Monday night and spent about 45 minutes coating the bike with tank primer. While I worked a transient couple asked me if it was cool if they sat on a stoop next to me to drink coffee. I said sure, but they soon moved down the block, muttering something about ‘turpentine’ and ‘the paint smell.’

A week later the bike was gone.